Membership from $2.60 a day at North Ringwood Gym - fitness for women

Health and fitness studio for all!

Fitness for all levels in a fun, comfortable and motivational studio in North Ringwood, Victoria.

Group workout classes are included with every membership optionGreat value gym membership options with no lock-in contracts!

When you join North Ringwood Gym, your membership gives you unlimited access to the studio, full use of cardio equipment and circuit workout as well as all group fitness classes.

Plus, our fully qualified team is here to put together an exercise program specific to you and your fitness goals, including monthly weigh ins, food assessments and personal program adjustments to keep you on track.

Group workout classes are all included

Fitness for women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levelsFrom Running to Strength Circuits, Pilates and Interval Program. Group workout classes run throughout the day and offer a fun, fast and motivating workout.

They’re included in all our membership options, so you never have to juggle the budget when you need an extra dose of fitness motivation, just check the timetable and turn up!

Boost your workout with a personal trainer

It’s not about working out harder… it’s about getting it right. Our personal trainers are available for one-on-one sessions that’ll make sure you’re maximising your workout time for the best results. Or, bring a friend for two-on-one sessions for double the fun and a great saving on cost!

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Check out our affordable membership options or try us out for 7 days for free.

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4/204 Warrandyte Road, North Ringwood, Victoria

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