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    Try us out with a 30 Day trial for $30!

    It can often take 4 – 6 weeks to get into a routine with exercise and even longer to establish habits that you can continue. A 7 day trial doesn’t really give you a great indication of how much you will use the gym, how …

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  • Things to consider before you join a gym

    Before you buy into a gym membership, it’s important to really consider what you need – what YOU need for YOU – not just buy on price alone. While it’s attractive and human nature to go for the cheapest option available, you really need to …

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  • Five ways to boost your fitness motivation

    Here are some of the ways science says you can up your drive and hit your fitness goals. Strike a pose Look at you, with your chest puffed out and your sneakers on! Holding a pose like this for a couple of minutes increases your …

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  • Need some workout inspiration?

    Need some workout inspiration?

    We love this workout video – it’s for real women of all shapes and sizes… this girl can! Hope you enjoy.

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